Buyer Protection

Buyer Safety Algorithms

LooksNscents has developed and continuously updates proprietary software algorithms to automatically monitor data for patterns, and quickly detect potential risks and violations.

Community Reporting

We encourage our buyer community to report inappropriate or suspicious activity. To file a report please send an email to or visit the Contact Us page.

Trust & Safety Teams

In addition to our automated monitoring system, Lo oksNscentshas a number of teams focused on protecting the integrity of LooksNscents' marketplace by proactively investigating, sanctioning, and preventing various types of inappropriate behavior.


Instant Refund

When you pre-pay for your order on LooksNscents, we will refund you instantly if your order does not arrive, is damaged, or is substantially different from what was described.

Buyer Protection Program

LooksNscents' 100% Buyer Protection guarantee is among the most robust in e-commerce. If you pre-pay for an eligible item and your order doesn't go as planned, you're 100% protected -- quickly and easily.


LooksNcents utilizes a variety of safeguards and monitoring tools to protect you, including proprietary technology solutions.


LooksNcents makes it easy to learn about items before you place an order.


LooksNcents has several teams working on your behalf to keep you safe, answer questions, and resolve issues if they arise.

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