I had quite an experience recently with a perfume dealer while trying to get a gift for someone. He gave me two bottles of perfumes to pick from. One, was a “D&G The One, the other a “Gucci intense Oud .

I took both of them to my apartment to ponder over my choice. Luckily a friend was around to give her input and we decided to open the “D&G The one .

I had used this perfume before so it was a safer option, I presumed. I was shocked after opening the pack and discovering that the color of the content in the bottle was different from that of the originals, the perfume seemed to be leaking from the nozzle and it smelled way different.

I had purchased a fake perfume, and so do a lot of people. so I decided to guide someone’s perfume shopping experience by sharing some tip on how to spot a fake perfume .

Before you buy a cheap designer fragrance, be aware it could be fake. If you are unfamiliar with the designer perfume you are planning to purchase, go to a department store and examine it first. Check out the shape and color of the product before you order it off the Internet so you can compare it with the product you are thinking about buying.

                                   Click on the image to buy an original OLYMPEA by Paco Rabanne 

Here are tips on how you can spot a fake perfume:


  • Carefully examine the cellophane wrap. On a well-made perfume, the cellophane is wrapped closely around the box. Most counterfeit products don't have the cellophane so tightly wrapped. If the cellophane is messy or moving around the box, that's a sure sign the perfume's a fake.


  • Watch for excess glue or adhesive tape. If there is a lot of tape or glue inside the perfume box or on the exterior of the packaging, the perfume is probably a fraud.


  • Look carefully at the box. If the perfume's box is made out of very thin material, the product is most likely a fake. Any high-end beauty manufacturer will use high quality paperboard when they're creating a carton for their product. Thin packaging signals a fake.


  • Read the print. Watch for an uneven brand name or any misspelling on the packaging.


  • Examine bar codes. Bar codes should be at the bottom of the perfume box. If you see that they are the side of the box, you should be suspicious.



Get familiar with your favorite fragrances, know their notes and scents. If you know the real one, you can spot a fake even better.

Check out for fragrance with descriptions on their scents.

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